Not only can we save you money, but help to get it to the right recipient.

Feeling lost about sending a mailing.  Or Simply do not have time to make sure the right information is there for the post office.  We make it simple for you.  By working directly with the post office, and knowing their rules and regulations, we can not only save you time, but can save you a significant amount of money.  

We CASS certify and address correct the addresses you provide.  Even before we address your mailing.  What does this all mean?  We make sure that the address is formatted correctly. Cass certification does not make sure that Bob Smith lives in a certain house, but it makes sure the house exists on the street.  

NCOA (National Change of Address) updates the list to follow the receipt when they  register with the post office.  Meaning if Bob Smith notifies the Postal system that he moved, it will automatically update your list.  

 Once we get a list, we CASS certify and NCOA (Address correct) the list, then we will print, group and band the mail to get it ready for the post office.  We even deliver it right to the post office making sure it hits the mail stream as fast as it can.  We bring all the necessary paperwork to tell the post office that the mailing has been sorted correctly and ready for them.  This brings the cost of the postage down, which in turn saves you money and speeds the time for it to hit the individual's mailbox.   

Don't worry handle all classifications of mailing, weather a non-for-profit, priority, standard or even Every Door Direct mail (EDDM) we handle it all.