Neo Awards

We Just Won 10 Neographic Awards!

We've done it again!

We are thrilled, and hope you don't mind if we brag a little bit.  Paradigm Digital Color Graphics has just been honored at the Neographics Awards Ceremony with 10 awards for printing excellence.  We are proud of these accomplishments, and wanted to thank you, our customers, for putting your trust in us.  We work hard and appreciate the trust and confidence you put in us.  Our goal is to do our job with excellence and integrity 

Neographics - The Power of Print - is one of the nation's largest regional graphic communications contests in which graphic arts, packaging, concerting, design and publishing excellence is selected and showcased.  More than 6,000 firms who work with the graphic arts communities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware are eligible.  Judges examine the finished product as well as how the job was performed.  

We are proud of the work we do; this year we submitted 12 pieces. Of those 12 pieces 10 were selected as winners.  The awards include Overall Best in Show, Best of Category for Booklets and Large Format, Best of Category for Miscellaneous, 3 Franklin Award for Excellence for Catalogs, Franklin Award for Excellence for Presentation Folders 4 colors or more, Franklin Award for Excellence for Books Soft Cover Award. We attribute these awards to the pride we put into each and every job.  These, along with past years, awards will proudly be displayed in our lobby and in our conference room.